E Miller Education
Educational Consulting


Overview of Training/Workshop Services
  • Classroom Management  
  • Rubric Development and Use
  • Collaborative and Cooperative Learning Techniques
  • Inclusion of Special Education Students
  • Assessment
  • Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity
  • Team-building
  • Gender Issues in Teaching
  • Instructional Technology
  • More
Special Education Services
  • Special Education Program Design
  • Special Education Curriculum Design for Univeristy Schools of Education Programs
  • Training of Regular Education Teachers in Inclusion Strategies
  • Training of Instructional Aides for Special Education Services
    • Self-Contained/Resource Room Special Education Classroom/Teacher Support Services
    • Strategies Related to Inclusion of Special Needs Students in the Regular Classroom

Dissertation Coaching

  • Narrowing Research Topic and Research Questions
  • Methodology Help
  • Statistical Support
  • More

Evaluation Services

  • Special Education Needs Evaluation
  • Postsecondary/Postbacheloriate Remediation/Review Services Evaluation
  • Program Evaluation
  • Individual Evaluation of Faculty/Administrators
  • Evaluation of Assessment Practices
  • More

Consulting Fees

  • Reasonable
  • All-inclusive
Tell us your needs and we'll give you fair prices and lots of options.

E Miller Education

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